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MAY 2nd 2019
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Be your own BOSS! Help us, Help you. (Low Battery & Data App) It’s FREE! Set up your OWN STORE. Trade a book, Sell, Buy, Anything & Everything, any product, any service! HELP us test OUR App so we can MAKE IT RUN BETTER for you! Mark the place where you want to meet and we’ll help the 180,000 people that follow our site in Liberia easily find you within 500 steps of were there standing. This product was 2 years in the making, it took 2 times longer then we thought and it cost much more than we wished but we finally got it done! Please, any feedback would help us a lot. Much LOVE Jobs Liberia Family

September 20 2018
We’re Back!!! JobsLiberia family would like to thank all the people that supported us in making us become the #1 story on Google News. Also, we would like to thank the largest news outlet in africa, for publishing our story and helping us feel heard. We have now overcome the software issues with Facebook and will start posting our GoodNews stories again regularly. It turned out to have been a software glitch that was not letting us reach all of the people that had subscribed to our Facebook Page. MUCH LOVE, for all the LOVE!

​​July 31st 2018 on
Facebook Blocks (throttling) “Good News” site, Liberia’s most popular Page. good news Facebook Page has reached nearly 200,000 in Liberia and around the world for years helping spread joy, pride and unity. However, we are on the brink of a potential lawsuit with Facebook. Facebook’s algorithm is blocking Jobs Liberia’s Page by mistake and should the situation not be remedied, we will be forced to take legal action.
​Jobs Liberia is a humanitarian not-for-profit organization that showcases Liberian talent. We promote mental health, feature local artists and fashion, and show heartwarming pictures of local Liberians. Nearly all of our Facebook Page content comes from local Liberians, which is published only with their written consent.

Jobs Liberia’s Facebook Page has touched hearts all over the world, posts are designed to bring happiness to people's lives. Just ask any of our 165,000 followers- they’ll tell you the same thing! Unfortunately, it seems that Facebook’s algorithm has mistakenly put a stop to our Facebook Page.

The average numbers of views on our posts have dropped a hundredfold, despite us paying the same amount to boost these posts. In addition to this, parents of children whose pictures have been selected to be featured in our Cute Kids of Liberia are no longer able to share these posts on our site with their friends or family. On our most recent Cute Kids feature, we had 6 shares and 170 comments, despite personally writing to 9 parents. In comparison, our 1st Cute Kids featuring, had 40 shares and over 500 comments. We have reported the problem to Facebook and reached out several times to have the situation remedied, but have yet to receive a single response.

We have become desperate! There is no reason why our Page should be blocked, we have done nothing different from the past, we always write the people that are being featured that they are now live on the site. Which is why we are asking Facebook to kindly correct this situation. We simply cannot reach our audience to deliver the daily good news.
While Facebook is restricting our reach, we are unable to move forward. Jobs Liberia has recently developed a new, free ultra low battery and data usage bartering app that allows users to trade, sell and buy. We are confident that our app can help the barter economy flourish and lead to better trade of goods and services, which will lead to free, organic job creation. The best way to share our app with as many people as possible is to promote it on our Facebook Page; however, with restrictions placed on this Page, this is now impossible. Our goal with this app is to empower people so that they are no longer limited by the money in their pockets. This app needs to reach the widest audience possible, which can only happen if the restrictions on our Facebook Page are removed.
Jobs Liberia also had plans to expand to Bangladesh, but had to cancel these plans for fear of the entire site being seized. The Facebook restrictions on our Page have not only hurt our business efforts, but they have also hurt our pride and restricted us from effectively doing our jobs. We at Jobs Liberia strongly feel that it is our duty to serve the people of Liberia to the best of our ability. We see no reason why the country’s most popular site should be blocked from delivering good news and handing out prizes! We have been advised to turn the problem over to legal counsel if this situation does not resolve itself.
Yours truly,
Steve Pejman Dee (Founder)
Los Angeles, California Resident

​September 2017
​Creating jobs throughout Liberia - Jobs Liberia Referrals

Hello everyone, we’re working on a FREE App that should be ready sometime 2nd half of 2018. This App will allow people to connect in a way never done before throughout Liberia. We’ll help promote your goods and services to our over 150,000 Facebook followers in Liberia to bring the customers to you. Wish us luck, we are working hard to bring the App to you as soon as possible. We’re hoping the success of this App will help produce hundreds of thousands of transactions over the coming years… 

July 25th 2016

Health Tip of the Day! “Art Gallery Hopping” 
Gallery Hopping is a term meaning, going from one gallery to another to meet your favorite Artists and experiencing their art for yourself, it’s FUN AND FREE! You can be sure that it will be much better than seeing it on your phone or laptop! In the coming months we’ll be posting many paintings from different Galleries that you can visit! We would like to thank all the artist that have joined our MOVEMENT in bringing very affordable art classes to everyone for just 100 Liberian Dollars an hour. Bring additional happiness to your life by taking art classes. Bring your friends, make new friends! BBC News London England UK reports on how making art and being creative makes people happy and joyful, by using the part of the brain that makes our brain happier. Making art is so good for our brains that countries are even starting to use it to help soldiers coming back from war. This style of help has been used to help people overcome feelings of sadness, fear, nervousness, worry, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychological wounds of war, and so on…
October 2015
Youth Crime Watch, in partnership with started a movement to bring awareness to Facebook's free text based internet opportunity for Liberia. In October 2015, Cellcom brought Facebook's free internet offering to Liberia. We want to thank the over 40,000 people that joined Facebook page to bring awareness to this cause and to help move Liberia towards the direction of an internet society. We also would like to whole-heartedly thank Cellcom for bringing this life changing opportunity to Liberia. There is still a lot of work to be done! Affordable WiFi and internet tablets for everyone so that every Liberian has the opportunity to self-educate and improve their lives in unimaginable ways.

May 2014


Youth Crime Watch of Liberia, in partnership with A US humanitarian
organization, would like to bring attention to FACEBOOK'S FREE INTERNET OFFERING. Facebook is seeking a strategic partnership with a select few telecommunication companies in developing countries that are really serious about connecting everyone in their country to services ​and opportunities that internet has to offer.
Users with phones that support Facebook would get free access to Facebook Messenger; including subsidized free Internet services.Thousands would be able to take advantage of online job openings that are currently prohibitive due to the relatively high cost of internet in Liberia. Businesses will also have the opportunity to sell online and make more profits. Online Banking & Services like PayPal, eBay, etc. would easily be utilized in Liberia. ​
Benefits would range from education, reduction in unemployment, improvements in average incomes, create greater tax revenues and produce even more jobs. Please help bring attention to this cause by “liking” this article and posting to your friends. Time is limited! ​The faster we bring attention to this cause the better chance Liberia has of getting access to free internet !!!