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Doing business in Liberia​ 

Hello, my name is Steve I am an American entrepreneur with over 10 year outsourcing experience in both Asia and Europe. I was deeply inspired by Ms. Leymah Gbowee's talk on TED about Liberia and felt moved to help improve the working conditions and employment opportunities for all Liberians. On a personal note, for the last few years I have endured some health issues. Due to this I have developed a new perspective on life, and would like to take part in helping others.

My work experience 
Served as Vice President of Page Computer an on line computer and electronic business. 
Oversaw the set up of our call center in Cebu Philippines (Pejman). 
Oversaw the set up of our web site development office in Warsaw Poland.
Between our US , Philippines and European office we employed around 250 people.​

Method of payment 

For Direct payments to cellphones we recommend: 

UPDATE TO: Free international Clear talk: For low bandwidth environments

Update:  in the last 2 years internet connectivity in Liberia has improved to the point where Viber and WhatsApp has become a better option to our previous solution of emailing audio files to each other to be able to hear clear conversation for Free. has developed a free method called Clear talk for Liberia that allow 2 parties to communicate with each other for free using email and a smart phone. It’s easy you simply create a voice recording, attach it to an email, then hit send. Once the receiving party receives your voice recording then they create their own and attach it to an email.  (you might need to download an app that opens audio files depending on your phone , in our testing we used vlc player on a  ZTE android phone before listening to the audio files.). Based on our testing we realized at least two practical applications for this product. International interviews and Voice grams. This is particularly useful for those who have friends abroad and would like to send personal messages like happy birthday, and so on. For a relatively short message It takes about a minute for it to reach the other party between US and Liberia. It should be noted that the same test between Korea and US only took 6 seconds. We’re hoping as Liberia’s internet capacities improves we’ll be seeing similar results. A voice message can be as long as 10 minutes (longer messages will naturally take longer than a minute to be delivered).   

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