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Helping to bring internet jobs to Liberia

                Online Jobs concept requires
    no reading & writing skills to Participate !!!

 With micro loans and the coming of high-speed internet to Liberia employment opportunities will be

opening up for everyone. I am developing an idea for a on-line game that will enable participants to enter the

global market place regardless of educational background. The site will help customers abroad connect with individuals to submit artwork like logos, business cards, T-shirt design , flyers, brochures, banners, etc. 

Get Paid to Play​

(All players get compensated)​​

For $3 US dollars the web site will take the lead by asking customers about their design preferences (fonts, colors, thier industry, target audience, and so on). By compiling a list of the customer’s preferences the web site software will be able to generate hundreds or thousands of logo's based on the customers likes & needs.
Since the computer software will generate all of the designs, all the participant would have to do to play is to choose what they think will be the best design for the customer. The participant will not need to know how to read and write to play. The player that picks the logo the customer likes the most will get a larger share of the money that was collected. This incentive will foster competition, excitement, and creativity.

Identifying poor quality pictures in large

on-line catalogs.

​Our vision is for people from emerging markets to be able to do microwork on sites like 

Amazon Mechanical Turk * and earn money in airtime to be sent directly to their mobile phones. By accumulating airtime from doing these micro jobs, not only would they be able to pay for their telecommunication expenses, but they would also conceptually be able to trade-in their credits towards smartphones and tablets that are already being sold in local mobile shops owned by the telecoms they have credit with. Additionally, payment in airtime is quick and convenient for many Liberians.  This method of payment bypasses long lines at banks, travel time, and other logistical problems that Liberians would face through traditional banking systems.

Although we feel all the parts are in place for this to easily happen, we lack the right connections with groups such as Amazon to move the project forward. An opportunity like this could provide Liberians with better tools to educate and empower themselves.

 Our goal is to be able to successfully create a proof of concept that can be replicated in many emerging economies.  We are optimistic that this business idea can create millions of jobs around the world and create an environment where people will be able to lift themselves out of economic hardship by gaining the

necessary tools to improve their lives.

 *Example of a micro job using Mechanical Turk:

The micro job would be that poor quality or unidentifiable pictures would be flagged by micro workers so that the reseller of the item can replace the image to help improve the sale of an item. 

Here are a few examples of items on a site with poor quality pictures that the reseller may not be aware of